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Proud Partners

Are you ready for an AMAZING experience??

SKICOSMOS Virtual Ski Simulators offer state of the art technology to get you ski ready for your first or next ski experience!!

The Simulator tracks every moment of your skis. Multiple built in sensors map all the parameters such as the position of your skis on the slope and your edging angles. Recreate realistic slope conditions with nearly every aspect of the slope, available for customization. You can adjust the snow conditions including hard-packed soft or icy snow. It can also generate bumps on the slope. With the press of a button , users skiers can choose settings, such as the slope’s length and the softness or iciness of the snow.

By using our simulators you will have a safe experience , no stress, no line ups, no chairlifts, nothing to ruin anyone’s day. We just get to focus on the basics and have a lot of fun. We provide the best chance for you to enjoy your time at the snow before you arrive and take your first ski lessons on the slopes.



15’ on the simulator amounts to approximately 30 runs down the real ski slopes

Statistically, for every minute of skiing on the slopes, you waste a good 10’ of time on lift lines, chair lifts etc.

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