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  • Intermediate & Advanced

  • Skiers of all ages

  • Ski Racers & Ski professionals

Larger and more powerful simulator with full – 4K panoramic screen and HD projection for slalom-giant slalom and endless ski runs. More power for athletic training. More power means more G-force for advanced skiers, ski professionals and ski racers.


Getting on the Ski simulator is going to prepare you physically to ski more volume so you can improve your upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle. It’s so hard to replicate conditioning outside of the snow. Full match of physical forces and biomechanics of skiing.


Slalom/Giant slalom/Gate training/Line & Rhythm/Edging & Pressure control/Endurance & Conditioning


U.S. ski team, U.S. snowboarding team and U.S. Freestyle athletes are training on virtual replicas of world – famous ski areas on the simulators, utilizing the benefits of year round ski and snowboard practice.


Medical Rehab: Step by step post injury recovery that simulates natural compensatory mechanisms.

Proud Partners



Single session- 20 minutes- $90


  • Athletic attire

  • Ski socks (or buy  a pair  from us)

  • Ski boots or rent from SKICOSMOS for $5

Single session- 50 minutes- $139
Package 10 sessions- 20 minutes- $835
Package 10 sessions- 50 minutes- $1250

For bookings call 604 764 7142

Gift cards available

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