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  • Athletic attire

  • Ski socks (or buy a pair          from us)

  • Ski boots (or rent from SKICOSMOS for $10)

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This is the compact SKICOSMOS simulator option, with HD screens for endless runs and slalom courses. Built for beginners and intermediate skiers of all ages, to help them practice Alpine carving. State of the art technology will get you in ski-ready conditioning and help you build ski-specific muscle groups.


Enjoy a completely tailor-made ride. The machine recreates realistic slope conditions with nearly every aspect of the slope available for customization. The sim is designed to replicate all aspects of alpine skiing. All aspects of the slope are customizable, from the quality of the snow to the frequency of any bumps. Users also have access to an abundance of data including speed, force, energy, exposure and edging angles. The Simulator tracks every movement of your skis. Multiple built-in sensors map all the parameters such as the position of your skis on the slope and your edging angles. You can even choose your snow conditions, including hard-packed, heavy snow, soft or icy snow.

The simulator is used by the SKICOSMOS crew to teach skiers and snowboarders. 

Our goal at SKICOSMOS is to provide skiers and riders with an enjoyable and safe skiing experience.

For more details on the SKICOSMOS method check the

services & info section of this website.


Single session- 20 minutes- $89
Single session- 50 minutes- $139
Package 10 sessions- 20 minutes- $840
Package 10 sessions- 50 minutes- $1250


For bookings call 604 764 7142 

Gift cards available

  • Adults & Kids over 7 years old

  • Intermediate skiers

  • Anyone who hasn’t been on          the snow

  • Anyone who hasn’t skied in          a while


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