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Our passion has turned into an innovative concept that aims to bring the ski community together. Our goal is to offer a valuable tool to all skiers and ski coaches in order to improve their ski conditioning and stamina.

Gianna Benardi





Bachelor & Master degree in Kinesiology and Sports Science, specialized in Sports Physiology and Injury Prevention.

  • ISIA Ski Coach

  • CSIA level 3 Ski Instructor.

  • Taekwondo Coach, black belt 5 Dan.

  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist.



Whoever said: "There’s no place like home", could not be more wrong. 

I have been lucky enough to travel to so many amazing places around the world. From Greece to Austria, France, Switzerland and North America, I feel like I have experienced a lot that the world has to offer. The mountains is where I feel most at home and skiing is an integral part of my life.

I am a keen skier an outdoor lover and quite simply adore the stunning scenery and fresh air that can be found in the mountains. It was love at first site :)


Athletic background 


Competed with the Greek National Taekwondo team in European and World championships.

Track & Field athlete for over 10 years.

My passion: Mountain Running, ski mountaineering & equestrian showjumping.

I am dedicated and driven to succeed with all of my clients. I have a passion of improving every level of sports through science and injury prevention. Fundamentals and building a strong - solid base are the key to preventing injuries and improving performance.

My clients would expect my focused attention and passion to assist them to achieve their goals.




Bachelor & Master degree in Business administration

  • ISIA coach

  • IFSA coach

  • CSIA level 3 Ski Instructor

  • Avalanche Safety Instructor

  • CPR/AED Instructor

  • Equestrian Instructor



Search and Rescue team leader.

Special Rescue Operations (SRO Vancouver) liaison officer and board member

Author of 2 autobiographical writings.

  • ‘When there is a will there is a way’, tells the story of SAR evolution in Europe by describing true rescue missions.

  • ‘Without second thoughts’ describes the SAR mission following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, known as ‘The Miracle’.


My life has been an adventure. Leading SAR missions under the U.N. has been my special operations duty for the last 20 years.


Skiing is my life. I love freeride and enjoy every moment on the snowy slopes. Teaching others through sharing my life experiences is my passion. Being a certified instructor in diverse fields has given me the opportunity to transfer my knowledge to the public in a unique and interactive way.


Athletic background


Showjumping athlete for over 25 years 

Showjumping National team member

Proud Partners


We are ski people, outdoor lovers, travelers and tough to find us behind a desk!! We live and breathe for skiing. We pray for snow. Much like yourself we love our sport.

We work hard and play hard.

Our passion has turned into an innovative business concept that aims to bring the Vancouver ski community together. Our goal is to offer a valuable tool to all skiers and ski coaches in order to improve their ski conditioning and stamina. A high tech path to become stronger skiers and improve their technique.

State of the art, SkyTechSport simulators allow ski instructors to teach off slope, generate excitement for the sport and get great fitness-cross training exercise at the same time. Getting on the ski simulator is going to prepare you physically to ski more volume, so you can improve your skiing significantly.

It is by far the closest thing to slope skiing! Our team of experts consists of CSIA ski instructors, Alpine ski coaches, Freestyle and Freeride coaches.

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