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What a great experience for my daughter and I. The ski and snowboard simulator is hands down the best off snow training aid. It feels like the real thing. This place has great coaching and training for any ability. I will be back

- Renee Crawshaw

Start skiing NOW at SKICOSMOS in North Vancouver on leading edge technology.

You can have it all:
Develop your skiing muscles, find muscle memory, develop lateral balance, timing, coordination and have a blast!
When you step on snow after training there it should feel like mid season.
I'm going to use SKICOSMOS so when I start skiing at Lake Louise in November, I won't be rusty.

Check out FISCHER & SHRED & other products at SKICOSMOS.
Apostolos and Gianna are awesome.
By appointment and bring your boots!

Cameron MacKenzie

My son really enjoys training at Ski Cosmos with Apostolos and Gianna. This dynamic husband and wife team are both experienced ski instructors who pay careful attention to all the details - every movement matters to their watchful eye. I’ve been delighted with their results.
Apostolos and Gianna are committed to developing strong skiers with their coaching expertise coupled with their state of the art ski simulator.

- Kevin Yeung

Skicosmos is one of the sport business which showed up and is here to stay, because it has an impact on its customers, and is future ready.

The main service of Skicosmos is to make skiers and future skiers of all levels more aware of the movements and muscles need to perform correct skiing technique. The founders (Gianna and Apostolos) not only created the concept, the location and great overall experience, but they also share their personal ski expertise (working with top skiers all around the globe) with every customer, as they are currently in the shop every single day, also consulting you on your personal-best ski equipment.

Take advantage of this start-up spirit. It is unique and very inspiring!

All five of our family - our girls are 11, 9 and 6 yrs old - are enjoying the sessions on the ski simulator, and are improving their technique, as well as their confidence.

Thanks Skicosmos Team! Keep up your spirit and smart work!

Mathias Wegmueller

I've been skiing my entire life and was completely blown away by this whole experience. The ski simulator legitimately feels like you're skiing, it's slightly mind blowing! Took a bit of time to get comfortable and figure out the balance of the machine, but Gianna and Apostolos were great coaches and got my wife and I shredding in no time.

Can see this being an invaluable tool for conditioning, and was honestly just so much fun. Really gave us the itch to get out on the mountains. Wish we lived close to one of these so we could use it throughout the summer months!

The shop is very modern, styled after ski shops in euro, clean and comfortable. Great coffee too.

Overall an awesome experience and we can't wait to come back.

Dustin Cook

Very cool to try out the ski simulators, have a coffee and get to know the story behind Ski Cosmos. Check it out if you're an avid skier, it's a really unique training tool and experience!

Gordie Rogers

I recently visited Skicosmos and tried out the ski simulators. I was amazed by the similarity to skiing and the whole experience. It was a great workout. In my 20 minute session I reached 1100 turns which for me was more than enough. I realize that especially for women this simulator exercises all muscles in core and hips which are hard to work out.
Excellent choice of skis, ski suits and accessories with exclusive brands not easy to find elsewhere. They even carry organic clothes!
The staff was very friendly and experienced to guide me through this. I also enjoyed the ambiance. Cozy and beautiful place!

- Nikki G.

Yesterday I visited Skicosmos in North Vancouver for the first time. What a fabulous store. A great selection of the best gear at reasonable pricing. Then there is the ski simulator machines. Might just be the coolest ski training equipment ever. You can actually run the actual courses from all over the world in real time and proper grading and speeds WOW. Then comes the knowledge of the owners Apostolas and Gianna. Both highly experienced and educated athletes themselves. They can help you whatever your needs are. I can 100% recommend this family run store.

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