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SKICOSMOS crew has created a unique method of teaching skiing indoors.

Our in house developed recipe is making skiing on the ski simulators totally transferable on snow.

We love what we do and it shows😊

Day by day, year after year, we have further developed our method so to proudly offer the best possible options to all levels of skiers.

We are focused on making skiers better, stronger, fitter.

SKICOSMOS method is no alternative to on hill skiing.

It acts as an important supplementary tool to further enhancing on snow performance.

Practice makes perfect.

At SKICOSMOS we give skiers, of all levels and ages, a chance to practice more & train harder to reaching their goals.


SKICOSMOS has partnered with the Canadian Ski Instructors Association of British Columbia to bring some pre season fitness and conditioning training for the CSIA members.

We are committed to working with ski pros, getting them ready for the ski season.

Tech and fitness prep packages available, fine tunning ski instructor skills for next level exams.

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Racers – Professional athletes

SKICOSMOS has been providing racers, of all age groups, with the essential ski fitness and conditioning for the upcoming race season.

In the ski lab, under our continuous supervision, racers complete the extra days of skiing needed to enhance their technique and become physically and mentally stronger for the races.

During winter time, we provide all the essential work that helps fine tune the racer's technique and provide the confidence needed when at the start gate.

Our unique training method, creates a valuable training loop with the on-hill practice days, where continuous performance improvement is key. We work in combination with the clubs ski coaches to compliment their work and further develop the skiers.


We offer a range of ski equipment for sale and provide racers with the unique opportunity to try some race ski boots on our ski simulators before buying, making sure the boot is the right fit for them.

Professional athletes of all ski disciplines practice in our North Vancouver based lab.

 Adaptive skiers utilize our facility to practice their carving skills and improve their turns and ski fitness level.

Special Olympics and Para Olympic skiers have the option of practicing more and safely build up their stamina and ski specific conditioning.

For racers of U14 - FIS we offer tailor made ski fitness and ski simulation sessions, following a 50min assessment. The package includes extensive off the sim workouts combined with laps on the machines according to each racers needs.

Limited packages available.

Ski Rehab


SKICOSMOS has been consistently working with Alpine Canada and Ski Cross Canada on the RTS (return to snow) and RTP (return to performance) fazes of rehab, bridging the gap between the ongoing rehabilitation and the on-snow comeback. Since our kick off a few years back, we are proud to have worked with some of the top WC Alpine and Ski Cross athletes, helping them get safely back to what they do best – WIN.

Among them: Olympic medalists, World Cup winners, Olympians and WC skiers alike.


SKICOSMOS provides a unique opportunity for first timers to try out skiing or snowboarding, without having to invest in any equipment, and find out whether they like to take on the sport.

In a safe and controlled environment SKICOSMOS private - one on one - ski lessons will build the confidence of the novice skiers and prepare them to hitting the slopes.

Ski boots available to rent for your sessions.

All you need to bring with you is your athletic attire, a water bottle and ski socks (or you can purchase from us before your session).

Intermediate skiers

Will find practicing at SKICOSMOS ski lab hugely beneficial. Throughout the year we see our skiers develop their skills and get stronger. Pre season sessions prepares you for the winter, while during the ski season training, provides the linear progress and training consistency. Technique and skills integrated at SKICOSMOS can then be directly applied on the slopes.

Getting back on the sim during the ski season will also carry some very important feedback to the SKICOSMOS crew who will in turn address the issues and work on any weaknesses.


Advanced – Experts

A great opportunity to becoming better by skiing more volume under the guidance and supervision of our crew. Focus on any weaknesses and technical details while working out ski specifically, skiing around 1000 turns for every 10min, on the Extreme simulator. Fine tune your posture and athletic stance while completing thousands of fully monitored turns. Take a glance on the simulator readings and experience the progress session by session.

Senior skiers

An excellent way to stay fit, year-round, while preparing to hit the slopes.

Our ski simulators are low impact, extremely safe and allow skiers to practice on a fully controlled environment, making skiing part of the weekly workout routine.


At SKICOSMOS we do offer snowboard sessions. The special snowboard software allows the riders to experience some fun snowboard action like never before.

A unique experience for individuals, families and groups that help riders of all levels improve while working out in an entertaining way.

The set up in our facility also gives the option for skiers to try snowboarding and vice versa.

Snowboard boots are available to rent for your sessions.


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Via multiple social media platforms, we support ski pros and athletes to achieving maximum reach.

SKICOSMOS is the fastest ski specific Instagram account and a number of our in-house productions have become viral reaching more than 16M plays.

With an incredible number of views (over 7M views/month), our goal is to bring the ski community together making the ski sport accessible to a broader audience.

We are committed to providing Pro bono support to skiers to achieving their goals so to better promote their efforts.

We have created a global community of skiers, of all disciplines, who communicate and interact in a unique way via our channels.

Our ski ambassadors help us spread the word to the winter sports community by publicizing their performances.

FIS or WC skiers that would like to join our ambassador community, are welcome to reach out by direct messaging on our Instagram account.

Subscription Channel


We are in the process of finalizing our Instagram subscription

Ski Fitness Channel.

Once launched, it will give skiers and ski pros access

to a great volume of workouts updated weekly.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our social media platforms.

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Exceptional apparel and ski gear for those with active lifestyles regardless of the season. Our aim is to stylishly equip thrill seekers like you, who share a passion for skiing no matter where the next adventure takes you.

A race center for Kastle skis and boots, we also carry a full range of front side and all mountain skis for all ages.

Kastle is a top ski manufacturer based in Austria with 100 years history.


We want you to be proud of wearing our gear.

At SKICOSMOS ski boutique we carry exceptional equipment for exceptional people.

We offer a selection of the best ski gear & apparel out there:

Ortovox apparel and gear, Picture organic ski clothing,

Icelantic skis,

Holmenkol wax, Zeal Optics goggles, Intuition liners and booties, Leki poles, Blitz goggles & helmets, Lenz & Thermic-IC heated socks and gloves, Energiapurna ski race protection gear,

Stoko knee support, Red Bull goggles,

Dalbello ski boots.

Come and browse our collection, enjoy a drink in our après ski café, watch a ski movie and mingle

with top athletes and ski coaches.



A limited selection of modern carving skis and comfy Italian boots available to rent on a daily basis or per ski season.

Rental ski boots are offered, on a discounted rate, for your ski or snowboard simulator sessions.

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